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Cavity Search? wtf

Yo everybody!
i know i havent posted in a while, but i have been drowing in school work.

so lately there have been a number of thefts going on at my school. its at the point where the student will probably go to juvie for a while, cuz now its a felony. thousands of dollars in merch has been stolen: laptops, ipods, makeup, purses, cash, everything. for some reason the whole school thinks that someone in my class ( the sophomores) did it. so today they put my class in one room, and put us in lock down for 2 hours! they searched everyones bags, coats, and lockers one by one. this is so stupid, i am almost positive that no one on our class would do that! our class and our school is so close that i cant imagine anyone wanting to hurt anyone else. it makes me sad. life is sooooo dramatic!

lol, btw, we werent cavity searched, but i definately felt violated. i left public school for this shit!?


Motion.Velocity.Flux.Transit. part 1

Sooooooooo, i havent posted in a while. by the time o get home from school, i am sooooo exhausted, i barely have time for homework.

so i have updates:

Phone. my mom has been taking her sweet time with putting minutes on my cell phone. this is my third week without texting. AAAIIIIIISSSSSSHHHHH! i feel so cut off from the world! if i didnt have facebook and myspace i wouldnt be able to talk to anyone!

Dance. so, i have mastered the "tell me" dance, i could do it in my sleep. but now i want something new! i chose U-Go-Girl (by Lee Hyori) and Look Only At Me (by Tae Yang). the only problem is that there arent any tutorial videos for either song, so learning will be extremely hard, i might have to wait until Christmas break for u-go-girl. but i have the basic moves down for look only at me, but now i need to make it look less sloppy >___<

Boys. ughhhhh drama drama drama. i am done with aaron. and i like it that way. it was so complicated and weird, but now it feels like it never even happened. lol, now i dont have to update my friends about my alcoholic, stoner, failing community college boyfriend. im only 15, i dont need this. time to date guys my own age.
     actually, i have a new crush. we connected over a book series, and now, although ive been friends with him for a year, things seem different. it doesnt help that hes best friends with my abusive ex. but now we seem... idk, not bffs, but not really flirting. maybe just special friends. i go to him for all things Twilight, because hes the only one who gets it. it feels good to have a normal teenage crush, instead of having a 19 year onld mess texting me dirty messages.

thats pretty much it. i love school. i love BIG BANG. i love God. LIFE IS GOOD


Sep. 23rd, 2008


hey everybody! once again, i'm in boring study hall, being bored. i dont really feel like talking to anyone (cause i'm a little sick), so i figured i would post. perhaps even add a few gdyb pics, just for fun ^__^

<a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/gdyb/xbuckstarx/Kwon%20Ji%20Yong/__-2-050212-194128.jpg?o=14" target="_blank"><img src="http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm249/xbuckstarx/Kwon%20Ji%20Yong/__-2-050212-194128.jpg"></a>

<a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/gdyb/temptedlush/blog/gdyb-1.jpg?o=3" target="_blank"><img src="http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w279/temptedlush/blog/gdyb-1.jpg"></a>

<a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/gdyb/temptedlush/blog/gdyb-1.jpg?o=3" target="_blank"><img src="http://i178.photobucket.com/albums/w279/temptedlush/blog/gdyb-1.jpg"></a>

<a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/kwon%20jiyong/Heejin_truong/Kwon%20Jiyong/91mera.jpg?o=4" target="_blank"><img src="http://i245.photobucket.com/albums/gg74/Heejin_truong/Kwon%20Jiyong/91mera.jpg"></a>

<a href="http://media.photobucket.com/image/haru%20haru%20mv/MikeJello/Big%20Bang/3551f1e3528380_full.jpg?o=4" target="_blank"><img src="http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn122/MikeJello/Big%20Bang/3551f1e3528380_full.jpg"></a>

that was just because i'm in a good mood!
i hope you enjoy until i have something better to write about.
lol especially since we'e all seen these pics about a billion times!


bored, continued

 mkay, so i had to leave in a hurry cuz i had a class, but now it is nite times, soooo
so, it was an interesting day.
no it wasnt, but the afternoon pretty much sucked, so thats what i mean.
so my mom is in the hospital again for reasons unknown, and i am a little worried.
but she told me not to worry...WUT A LITTLE PICKLE WE HAVE HERE. 
then i was texting my bff, who always cries and yells about how i like my school friends better than her
i wouldnt say that, but they are definately easier to handle since they arent emo and upset all the time
she is very high mantainence
anyways, she always complains when i do stuff with them
so i asked what her plans were for the weekend, and shes like, dani is sleeping over
WTF we used to be a trio, and now dani has slept over the past 3 weekends, but I'M ditching her?
so she made up the corniest string of excuses. i mean, total lies, its impossible for her to expect me to be that dumb
except she did
so i was like, whatever, fuck this, but quit complaining about me liking my other friends better
cause youre a total hypocrite.
and she's like whatever
so i am gonna spend my weekend online, sleeping or with SCHOOL friends,
cause apparently i am not welcome at kyms house

i am really hoping for some new GDYB NC-17 fics, cause those are my fave, and i need a bit of cheering up
ugghhhh HWAITING!!! i need it



Hey! i have a free period and i'm bored out of my mind! i came on to look at my Big Bang collection, and figured i would write a quick blog. just saying hi, to all of the VIPs!!!!! i hope youre all doing something more fun than this. and it gets worse, i'm off to geometry in a few minutes! wish me luck. so the week has been pretty ok. i just got over a little pnuemonia, but i'll be fine! got to go to class


First Day of School!

 So yesterday was the first day of school.
 i'm so excited for this year!
i have great friends, great teachers, great classes
everything is gonna be perfect, i can feel it

we had each class for 20 minutes
so we could figure out our schedules 
get every syllabus and stuff
then assembly and lunch and stuff

after assembly, as we were walking back up to main campus from the gym
(my schools campus is outdoors, like a lil college campus)
sarah t and i started SCREAMING Burnin' Up by the jonas brothers
and marty turned around and started dancin like a crazy person
soooo funny
then sienna told us she wanted to be a stripper
haha jk, but its a long story

then at lunch, the line was crazy long!
everyone knew to cut the line
except for the poor freshman
most of em never got lunch at all

then i had this crazy fun free period with my bffs
being stupid and loud in chapin hall

nothin can go wrong
well something will probably
but we'll ignore lukas for now =___= 

btw, school colours are orange and brown, hence the bright text

Back to School? Already?!

today i was thinking about school.
i have sooo much summer work left, but i just havent even started.
i have four days.
i am dead.

lol, but happy.
i miss everyone soooo much!
i miss campus, i miss teachers, i miss lunch
i miss fallin on my ass all over campus!

but i'm worried about seeing lukas all day everyday
he hurt me so bad last year
and i know he wants to do it again
i dont want this year to change the way it did last year
it started out perfect
then we dated
and fought
all the time
and i just hope we can be friends again,
like we were

but i am excited
my life is changing
aaron and i are getting much closer than we were
and i hope that goes somewhere
i know he would never want to hurt me
and i've become so much closer with all of my friends
skinny dipping at 3 am ;)



i know by the end of tonight

u wont have to look up at the stars, no no no

this is my first entry. i am sorry its not a good one. i am tired, and bored and inspired. i am also in luv with this song by justin nozuka. but how many people will read this, i have yet to make any friends here ^_^